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Feng Shui - Bring clarity and intention into your home and life.

How to apply conscious intention in order to create positive change in your life.

I lived in China for over four years and had the opportunity to get to know Feng Shui, the over 3000 years old Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, space and life to achieve harmony and balance. Feng Shui assumes that everything is energy and that the energy follows the attention. Sounds familiar to you? :)

It´s all about intention

If we really want to change something, we should start with the little things. And learn to set the intention. It´s all about intention!

To set intention means to define what energy we want in a certain room or space (or situation). This means that we influence the result with our intention; we manifest what we want through our #intention.

For example, the kitchen could be a room where the energy of creativity and health prevail.

The dining area could be a space in which body and soul are nourished, but also a space of communication and meeting with the family. In the bedroom, on the other hand, the energies of relaxation, healthy sleep, love and harmony should flow. File folders or television have no place here!

How to set the right intention

1. Make your bed every morning.

When we make our bed, we set the intention to start the day and end the night. By arranging the bed we also create an order for the day. We also pay respect to the place where our body (and soul) rests for eight hours by keeping it in order.

2. Let in fresh air every morning and let old, used energy out.

3. Create space for something new. Are there magazines everywhere that you no longer read? Do you collect corks, candle stumps, empty wine bottles? Dispose of the unnecessary stuff. Creating space also means inviting new possibilities into your life. And you create space for yourself and your family. Objects absorb energies and tell our story. Check whether you really only surround yourself with objects that are good for you and your family.

"If you want to put the world in order, go through your own house three times first." (Chinese proverb)

4. Pay attention to your words and thoughts. Because they also determine the energy in our homes. Our thoughts, words and self-talks have an enormous influence on us and our environment. What we think and say shapes the energy of a room. And that will influence our well-being. You think I'm exaggerating? Have you ever entered a room and immediately had a bad feeling? These are exactly the energies I am talking about. These are the thoughts, words and actions of the people who were in this room before you. They determine the energy of the room.

5. Invite nature's energy into your home. Set up plants. They clean our environment and the air we breathe. Stones also help to detoxify our rooms and fill them with new energy. Another possibility is #aromatherapy. The right oils at the right time can cleanse the atmosphere, promote relaxation or concentration, facilitate meditation or even support physical healing. But please pay attention to your pets; especially for cats certain oils like lemon can be poisonous. The same applies to certain plants (e.g. poinsettias, lilies).

Clarity and Conscious Intention

If the energy of your homes translates as clarity, order, harmony, beauty, love, #abundance, the desire to travel, creativity, etc.- then you will draw these energies like magnets into other areas of our life.

And what is YOUR intention for your home or life?

As always I am looking forward to your feedback,


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