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Hello, my name is Viviane and as your coach, I will guide you to unleash the potential of your mind in order to overcome challenges and burdens that can negatively impact your life.


Already from a young age, friends, family, and strangers have continuously approached me with their challenges and what troubles them, seeking a good listener. I soon realized that guiding people through their journey is something I am passionate about. 


Born and raised in Europe with a multicultural background, I started expatriate coaching as part of my stay in China, where my family relocated to for my husband’s job. This is also where I had my first touch points with Reiki and past life regression and decided to specialize in hypnosis. I am a firm believer that we can only change the world and tackle our challenges from within - the mind is stronger than the body. 


After spending some years in China, I relocated to the United States. The process of moving to and living in different countries, and being emerged in so drastically different cultures, has definitely changed my attitude towards change. I learned to quickly adapt to new environments and embrace change rather than dread it. 


Together, we will find solutions and I will guide you through your challenges.



with me

Flexible and independent from location. Experience your coaching session from the comfort of your own home, the office, or while on a Business trip. Via Skype, phone, Wha...
Time for Change
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